I'm going Bee Crazy

Our VBS this year takes place on Planet Zoom where bold BEElievers Zip, Zap and Zoom for Jesus!

I am going a little crazy...

I go on holidays on Friday, going to go to many many places, take in Austens wedding then return to GP for Bee crazy times at V(bee)S! Summer is going by so quickly but it has been quite fun and a little refreshing.

Hope you are all basking in Gods' presence this sunny season and BEEcoming more like Jesus each passing day!

Okay i'll buzz off..<--that's my fave from all of the curriculum! hehe


Marian said...

It's funny how when you do VBS everything going punny....lol
Thanks for visiting...I am glad you made it back safe...miss you!

Marian said...

*(lol) goes punny