It's been way too long!

I'm sorry :( It has been way too long and I really don't have too many excuses but I will try to muster up a few !

#1) my computer sucks! (but I do know there is one at work and one in the basement so not really a valid excuse)

#2) I've been busy. (while this is true it is not completely truthful because I have been able to knit 3 scarves, 2 toques and read a few books during my "busy" season)

#3) my life isn't that exciting. (which is true but not accurate lot's has been happening.)

Well I am still up in Grande Prairie on almost year 3!!! crazy! and at our last church meeting it sounds like they may actually be building me an office, how cool is that! No more fake walls that people cannot lean on :) They have changed my job up here from "Parish Support Worker(whatever that really was lol)" to "youth worker" so that is an exciting change and a greater responsibility for myself!

I went home this summer and visited my new niece, so cute I'm pretty much in love I'd say. I have realized I enjoy spoiling her and while it is wonderful for said Hailey it is not so wonderful on aunties bank :( but seriously who cares! lol.

I went salmon fishing with dad and ben this summer in northern BC and once again like always I caught the most, no surprises there. At one point in the trip my dad made a comment "I should have left you behind" and I just looked at him, smiled and said "minus 12" that was the number of fish I caught. He got the point quite quickly! We have lots of salmon so if you find yourself in the neighbourhood let me know and I'll cedar plank some for you and maybe this time I won't even light the bbq on fire. Imagine!

This summer has been full and fall is proving the same from auctions to fishing, from weddings to hospital rooms, from laughter to sorrow, from grammas to nanny's, and from pale to burnt skin God is moulding me and teaching me how to wait with a Godly patience. I am praying that through this season in my life where I can almost taste the future that I will let go and fully live in the present and praise Him here.

God bless you all. I hope to be around a bit more :)


Nat Nat said...

Welcome back :)

ElleBelle said...

thanks for posting!

Lynne said...

Yay! I love when you post. I'm on a need to know bases for what's happening in your life.