In need of Faith lift!

I have been trucking along through this advent journey and feel discouraged. I have planned so hard not to miss it but I feel like I have.

Time is slipping away on me.

In my daily commute I pray "come Lord Jesus" before I eat my lunch, and supper I pray the same prayer.

Be my guest, truly I mean it, I will stop what I am doing and be with you!

He asks "promise?"

I respond "I will try so so hard"

He says "I love you, just the way you are"

I exhale all my worries, all my failed attempts at being more "intune", all my insecurities, all my sins, all my grief, all my joy, my anxious heart, my sick stomach, I give it all to Jesus.

I wimper "I'm empty..."

He proclaims "Come and I will fill you."

Praise Christ who is coming, who is here and who knows it all, trust in Him this advent season and even if like me you feel your failing, you feel time is slipping know He is with you, and he does not want perfect people only passionate ones. Love Him more deeply now than ever.

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ElleBelle said...

love you walshy. And love your new background. Maybe this time slipping is a good thing- we want him to come- and quickly!!