Baseball = OUCH!

We had a double header last night. We lost. We always lose. It is okay though because I like to tell myself it is all just for fun so it doesn't matter. Sometimes though I just wish we could win, that we didn't have to be in the negatives when I check our standings..oh well. I mean usually I can pump it up with the knowledge that it is something to do on Sundays to be active. Lately though I just keep getting hurt...

A few weeks ago I got hit in the back- ouch.

Then the leg!- nice bruise- ouch.

Then last night I got a double whammy.

One to the face - OUCH!

And one to the wrist! - Ouch ouch ouch!

I was informed that a gentleman from the opposite team had been flirting with me, I totally missed it. Apparently I asked if he was out?- He responded "Well actually my name is Ian but you can call me out if you want to" - yah totally wasn't playing his game. Then I cheered for him which I think caught him off guard then he hit me in the wrist with the ball! What the heck! I understand accidents happen but seriously..pushing a girl down in second grade because you liked her wasn't even cool then..now I'm 23 and when Mr. Flirty pants hits me with the ball, I just want revenge.

I am not sure where any of this is going- Probably just that baseball is the only really exciting thing that has happenned since Nat Nat left.

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