Double Play...

Baseball season is back and I am not ready. In my mind maybe but physically not so much. In good time though. My first game of the season I was forced to run full throttle to home being chased by another one of my wild fast running teammates- exhausting! Last Sunday I made a double play which was a nice way to end the game may I add and everyone cheered, Amber was in on our double play so we call ourselves "The Dream Team" - oh ya!

In baseball and in life I am learning that I may not always feel ready but I am equipped and with God I will be fine. I need to remember that I always do make it to home plate even when I don't think my legs are moving and that I can hit the ball. Just like in baseball this applies to life, when I think that one person will be just too hard to visit they surprise me by being so welcomming and excited that I called on them.

So the moral is this - What do I really know anyways? - Not a lot, just that through Christ I can do anything so I better get used to it!

Happy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. And so very true. Do you care if I quote that on Facebook?

Walshy said...

Nope go ahead deary :D